Tuesday 31 August 2010

Further to beauty or whatever happened to my third eye

I was remiss in not talking about nature in my first blog, probably the excitement of mastering technology was too much. I agree that there is a difference between listening to music, incidentally when I said non literal I of course ,meant instrumental music not songs or opera, and contemplating nature but not much of one. When we look at mountains, out to sea or at waterfalls or deserts or whatever our thoughts roam free perhaps to settle on themes of life and death precisely because they are not over determined by looking at cultural artefacts.In other words when we look at the works of man we are likely to think of their significance or meaning, historical or otherwise whereas a mountain does not mean anything in the same way, it has no history (other of course than the mountaineers who have climbed it) or the sea (other than those who have sailed on it). I suspect there are contradictions here to be deconstructed by others.I thank Judith for her comment but I fear I only have two eyes and lack an inner one.

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  1. This is a sequel to Gerry's blog "I am not conscious of my unconscious" posted 19th August. Apparently Gerry is a complete materialist who does not believe in any form of spiritual life... If we all have only "two eyes and lack an inner eye", our society would be deprived of a large part of our civilization: art, music, and other human creations.