Thursday 31 January 2013


Jaana writes:
In the spirit of approaching ski season, the film group congregated around Touching the Void, a re-enactment of a mountaineering exploit almost gone bad. 

Absolute trust is a prerequisite for surviving in the hostile conditions - then, what to do when the two alternatives are to cut the rope, leaving your possibly-already-dead partner behind, or stay put, and slowly perish together with him? The mountaineering code is ice clear: never leave your buddy.
We know that in the end, against all odds, both survived, making this an uplifting story in mind over matter. 

The man with a broken leg came back to tell his story, and emphasise that he didn't blame his partner. The mountaineering community was not as understanding. Would the moral judgement have been different, had the abandoned party died, or had never been found?
When the code of honour calls for self-sacrifce, to which point should we obey?

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