Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year new hope for frustrated writers

Dear philosophers,

The opening of Year 2014 offers new hope to aspiring writers!   It’s been a long time that we have been cooped up in our damp loft room tapping away on our laptops for the next masterpiece, which has never seen the light of day thanks to the cruel rejections from heartless publishers.  

We all know that the publishing world of the end of 20th century, like many other institutions, formed part of the global whorehouse.  The likes of Gustave Flaubert, Marcel Proust, or James Joyce would never have become household names had they sought publishers of this day and age.   To sell their works, the writers would have to dress themselves like a penniless single-mother or moonlighting prostitute crawling to the bedside of a BBC producer to publish their 'Mary Potter’, ‘Secrets of Belle de Jour’, or ‘Fifty Shades of Earl Grey’.  

No time to despair, dear aspiring authors!  With Agent Hunter – a sub-branch of Writers’ Workshop website, the most comprehensive literary agent database anywhere, you will gain easy access to the most suitable agent or publisher to represent your great oeuvre.  As well as search engine, the resourceful Agent Hunter also offers practical advice on search strategy and tips to improve and polish your manuscript, be it fiction or non-fiction, to make it saleable.

There is no use crying over your rejected manuscripts.  You can now stop drowning your sorrow in alcohol and heroine and fretting about your next session in your shrink’s couch moaning about your bipolar disorder.  Pull yourself together, frumpy dishevelled hapless writers!   Get out of your self-obsessed ivory tower where you may end up hoist with your own petard, and start sending your dazzling manuscript to the ever so helpful Agent Hunter, and seek advice from the Writers’ Workshop.  You will soon find yourself on the right track to make your dream come true!

Wish you best of luck in Year 2014!  

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